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The Stonyhurst War Record is a significant memorial of the part taken by Stonyhurst Men in the Great World War, compiled by the Rev Francis Irwin SJ and published in 1927. Access details follow.

In all the War Record contains 474 pages of photographs and memorials of the 1,012 men Stonyhurst sent to the Great War, of whom 167 gave their lives for King and Country. In addition to the two Victoria Crosses held before the war by Stonyhurst men, three more were gained during the war, making five in all.

“These figures show the spirit animating the old school and prove the high sense of duty and disregard of self inculcated by Stonyhurst. These memorials contain the essentials to make us worthy of Stonyhurst.” Taken from the preface to the War Record by General Sir Edward Bulfin KCB, CVO.

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