Public Schools and the Great War, by  Anthony Seldon and David Walsh

Fighting on the Home Front, by Kate Adie

Schools at War, by David Stranak

“Great Ideals”: Leighton Park and the First World War


DSC_0256 (3)St Anne’s to the Lake District – A history of Windermere School

To some of us, the school will always be St Anne’s, to others Windermere St Anne’s, and more recently simply Windermere School, but there is something greater that connects us all, a deep-rooted respect and bond with the place that has had such a formative impact on our lives.

 Personal memories and historical accounts sent in by past staff and students have helped to produce this very interesting history. The story captures much of what has happened since the School’s foundation in 1863.

Vincit Qui Se Vincit.

Children’s Books

The Christmas Truce

Where The Poppies Now Grow

Both books are collaborations by award-winning author and BBC producer Hilary Robinson and War Horse illustrator Martin Impey, with stories following the friendship of soldiers Ben and Ray from childhood, with the aim of teaching children about the significance of remembrance. The highly acclaimed Where The Poppies Now Grow has already featured in Love Reading 4 Kids, whilst reviewer Paul Reed commented ‘your children will never look at poppies in the same way again.’